What We do and Why We Matter

Little Free Library Matura

Let’s Read is a non-governmental organization registered in Trinidad and Tobago with the aim of promoting the joy of reading so that children experience increased literacy.

We promote early literacy in Trinidad and Tobago by encouraging the love for reading through increased access to books and libraries. We also support the professional development of teachers to inspire a community of readers.

Our areas of focus are books, libraries and students, literacy awareness and teacher professional development. These are supported through donations, fundraising and volunteers.

Let’s Read’s ultimate objective is to cultivate a stronger reading culture in Trinidad and Tobago. We believe that reading is the foundation of physical and emotional well-being, intellectual growth and economic security. The importance of literacy development cannot be understated and our mission to promote reading in primary schools addresses this.

It is important to read to and with children for all the same reasons we should talk to them:

  • to reassure
  • to entertain
  • to bond
  • to inform or explain,
  • to awaken curiosity
  • to inspire.

Reading to and with children conditions their brains to associate reading with positive feelings. It increases their general knowledge, improves their vocabulary and helps them become better readers. Children discover the joy of reading when exposed to a variety of books which get them excited about reading and inspires them to want to do it more.