Let’s Read donates age-appropriate books to families of new-born babies attending medical check-ups with their paediatrician, both privately and through selected government clinics. Let’s Read’s focus increases awareness and reinforces the importance of sharing books in the home from birth. Also included are guidelines for what types of books are a good fit from birth to 3, along with some can’t miss parent tips for book sharing during the early years.

Stacey Merry and Suzette Cadiz hand over books to Dr. Nunez at the SWRHA paediatric clinic

Primary School Library

Let’s Read partners with public primary schools to re-establish their library space so that students have access to a welcoming and calm space where they can explore a diverse selection of good quality books and enjoy reading for pleasure.  It is Let’s Read’s hope that the library will become the focal point of the school and another space for children to learn. A space where children who struggle with reading, or just haven’t found the right book yet, can enjoy a book of their own free choice without the pressure that can sometimes be felt in the classroom.

Cap-De-Ville Government Primary School Library

Little Community Library

A Little Community Library is a “take a book, return a book” free book exchange. They come in many shapes and sizes, but the most common version is a small wooden box of books placed strategically within a community. Little Community Libraries encourage reading and strengthen community ties through sharing and stewardship. It is Let’s Read’s aim to partner with communities across Trinidad and Tobago, especially in remote areas where children have few good books of their own at home and limited access to a public library. It is Let’s Read’s expectation that the community members will build the book sharing box using local resources. Let’s Read will donate a diverse collection of books, provide a Little Community Library Handbook and ongoing guidance.

Teacher Professional Development

 Reading is key to a child’s learning but 1 in 4 primary school students is a struggling reader. In order to adopt research-based practices for teaching reading, teachers must be supported with quality professional development that helps them develop an extensive knowledge and skills base. After the reestablishment of a primary school library space, Let’s Read’s qualified educators facilitate a workshop to acquaint the school’s staff with the library space and encourage them to focus on researched-based instructional practices linked to improved student literacy.